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Russian Site To Earn Money In Home Without The Effort 2017

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1. Go to https://goo.gl/Vrquri
2.Click "Registration" and Fill the form and click "GO" and Check email and "login"
3.After Login click "Tasks"
4-Connect your social profiles. networks for the appearance of new available jobs.

Web site vktarget allows you to easily make money using social networks. If you use social networks you have the ability to pressing the like button for facebook or follow for twitter and thus earn money. For example, it is enough to click on Twittver pretender for a particular side and make money. In addition facebok and twitter this web page is linked with other social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Google+ VK...
On this site requires no initial investment, cooperation with the social networks and Payment PajPal are sufficient guarantees for intenet site www.vktarget.ru that this additional internet business that will be active for a longer period of time.

◆The minimum amount is 25
◆The withdrawal is made within 2 working days.
Each new application for payment deactivates the old application.
◆The history of applications can be opened by clicking on the balance.
*For the WebMoney payment system, the withdrawal is made only for ruble purses. (Qiwi Yandex Money-Webmoney-Mobile phone-PayPal)

◆Reasons for free registration:
1-Easy tasks
2-Supported by social networks
3-Reasons for free registration:
4-Supported by PayPal

✍These are examples of tasks➤ https://prnt.sc/gi9rbg
✍First, click on the account➤ http://prntscr.com/gi9sti
✍Next, on Twitter account click FOLLOW➤http://prntscr.com/gi9uav
✍The next step, please click on Проверить➤http://prntscr.com/gi9v9q
✍At the end you get a confirmation➤ http://prntscr.com/gi9wga

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