Scam Warning! SCAM | Review | They Do Not Pay
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Scam Warning! SCAM | Review | They Do Not Pay

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Scam Warning! SCAM | Review | They Do Not Pay - Checkout the links in the video description! (more helpful links below)


-This site does not pay at all.
-They sell your email.
-Any figure you see in your dashboard is only a number.
-Their contact information will come back as undeliverable.
-Once you you reach the $150.00 payout threshold, they will tell you that you need to have at least 40 referrals and they try to get you to purchase the additional referrals. Do not purchase them!
-After you reach 40 referrals, the site will lock out your account.
-There is no option to close or delete your account.
-Do not believe any earnings images or anyone who claims they were paid.

Important Information:

PayPal phishing email:

Bank phishing email:

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What you need to know about earnings reports and payment proof images

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